No, don’t be biting yourself, even to hush that pretty mouth of yours. That’s somebody else’s job, but whose exactly? Another question to be thrown onto the pile of mysteries we have going on here.

Little reminders? No…no. Punishments come permanently, something that you’ll be reminded of for the rest of your life. Take that as you will, I’d rather not spoil the surprise. That’s the beauty of being the boss though, I gain some wonderful perks too, no matter who the employee in question is.

Three? Really? That’s the best you can throw at me, eh? Quatre nuits. Et je vous promets que je ne vous lasserez pas du tout. Sûrement quelque chose qui rend vos jambes tremblent en prévision? Hmph. Trust, the look on my face would be something you’d never forget. Oh, and of course, the benefits that you’d be begging me to repeat.

Word- now; time - now; place - here i.e. office. That good for you, Frenchie?

Personally, I can think of at least one whose perhaps perfectly qualified for that job. He seems pretty capable of shutting me up. Although, that probably remains to be seen, for now, of course.

Keeping me on the edge of my seat and wrapped around your finger, for now, with all these promised surprises and mysteries, y’know. And, I’m kind of enjoying that. <3

Three, from me, is all you’ll be able to handle. But, I never get worn out. Les jambes tremblantes, et le désir d’arracher ces petits courts métrages hors tension. Aide-moi à cela, s’il vous plaît, monsieur? ;)

Aha. Patience is a virtue, right? You’re incredibly patient. ;) But perfect for me, handsome. Wouldn’t have been able to deal with this furstration much longer. Your office room, it is.



I’m charmed. Be nasty to me though, I prefer it; warms my heart and makes me more eager. Why? Well, that’s a mystery for you to perhaps solve.

With me, expect the unexpected; haven’t you learned that already, Frenchie? Disobeying me equals punishment, but of course, you would want that; excuse me in the fact I’m going to gain great enjoyment from your stay here. Rawr <3~

Now I’m the one insulted. Je pourrais garder up with vous toute la journée et la nuit, chaque nuit, bébé. Ne sous-estimez pas me. You can sit there in your ‘sexiest of the sexy’ bubble, just as I could sit in my ‘sexy beast, baby’ bubble, but that just wastes time on the inevitable. And maybe you should prove to me that you could handle it. You’ll benefit massively.

Queen of nasty. But, in this particular situation, I s’pose I don’t have to excuse myself ever for not biting my tongue? Mm. Won’t this be fun. Both not holding back and solving that mystery~ <3

Might of forgotten. Silly me. Punishment number two for that? Ha. Really though, nothing a little reminder wouldn’t fix, of course. And aha. You know me oh…so very well, impressive. A glutton for good, hard punishment. What can I say? ;) Ha, oh you. Benefits of having me as an employee? And maybe, also just being you. Maybe.

Ha. Je vous aurais usé par nuit à trois. But, you’re more than welcome to try. And, you make a good point, s’pose there’s no point in fighting it or beating around the bush of something that’s bound to happen, hm. Maybe I should. Just to see the look on your face, and obviously those good benefits in store for me.

Y’know, all you have to do…is say the word, time and place.


Goof? That’s a first, being called something like that. I didn’t know my actions led to me being goofy, I’ve usually been called far more entertaining things. Granted, your return was something I wasn’t anticipating though, but I can’t deny I won’t be complaining any time soon, even if I will be paying your salary now, ha. You can keep whatever secrets and mysteries you have to yourself, Frenchie. Just be wary I don’t need you to reveal what’s truth and what isn’t. I just know, I have a 100% foolproof knack for that.

I’m throwing the challenge right out there, by the way, right in that beautiful face of yours. Je parle in exactement de la même tongue. Tant dans mes paroles et mes actions. Question is - can you handle it?

Goof, to me anyway, is like…a fool. Or, idiot. Put nicely, of course, heh.<3

Mm, still not sure how I feel about you signing my checks. A day I never thought I’d see, honestly. Still, not going to listen to you though, ha. Can’t make me take your orders, monsieur. ;) Psh. You think you know, bebeBut, I’m going to sit back and let you think what you want to about it~ <3

Mmm. Je serais ravi de voir que vous essayez de garder avec moi. In fact, I’d challenge you to it. Prove me wrong, or try to. And, that is not a question. That is just plain insulting. Sexiest of the sexy for more than just my good looks. And besides, you wouldn’t be talking about it with me right now if you didn’t already know, and trust, that I could handle it. Heh, figuratively, of course.




Hope the tissues are for my tears, rather than for anything else, even though I wouldn’t complain either way. I’ll promise not to get too sob-story now that you’re here, I’ll just keep on thinking that it’s definitely even between us. Maybe even 60/40 in my favor. Why would you be here if you didn’t want some pleasure…figuratively speaking.

Frenchie, I speak in the same tongue as you. Any time you want a taste, you let me know. And I never kid.

They’re for your tears, goof. HaIt takes a true queen to evoke such emotions from The King of the World. Bless my presence, I know… you just weren’t ready for it. ;) You think that! I’m sure you’d even like to think that. But, it’s just not true. Sorry, love. And you know me, Chris. I’m a woman of many mysteries, aha. Why I’m here may just be one of the many. Pleasure may be a reason, maybe not. I’ll keep that one to myself, though.

Not a good idea to throw out a challenge like that, especially when you and I both know, you do not speak in the same tongue as I do, monsieur.


Ooo.. hm, guess I better keep my eyes open at all times then, huh?

Alright! Out of the enemy pool.

Smart girl!


Nope, there were just too many ‘misses’ in one sentence for my liking. I’ve missed you so much, I might be crying right now; judge how sincere I am ;) Seriously though, missed ya. But pleasure’s all mine? It’s at least 50/50, don’t deny me here, aha.

Running my own company, release of my new album today, living the good life. Can’t complain at all. Glad you’ve been good though, us Canadians can’t ever be brought down.

Extremely sincere. I can tell. I’d air mail you a box of kleenex, if that meant I didn’t have to get off of my ass, right now, ha. But, dry up your tears, please. Ha! No, no, no. 100/0. Maybe, 95/5.

Well, congratulations on the success. And, no we can’t. Our spot will always be at the top. ‘Course, I am French Canadian, Chris. I’d rant on how that gives me a little bit more superiority, but I’ll refrain from stepping on your toes.

:) Kidding.


hello there! Kinda wondering about which side I’m on.. Friends or enemies?

Knowing me? That’ll be revealed within a good day or two. A little guilty for sitting back and passing judgement on others. Meh.

'Til then, you’re outta the enemy pool, love.


…no French 101 in your introduction, Ma?

You’re slipping.

Ha. pardron moi monsieur. Comment très idiot de moi. Mon français est beau et parfait, et ne devraient jamais être exclus. Mais, les fans choisissent toujours sur mes erreurs stupides avant moi. Ha.




Bonjour, miss , who I’ve…missed. A lot. How’ve you been keeping?

And, those…dots, make me question your sincerity when you say missed. Better not be code for something crueler, or. :| But oui, the queen has returned. And working for you nonetheless, the pleasure is all yours, of course. ;D

I’ve been good. Great really. Life is beautiful, as usual. How about you? Running your own company? That’s exciting.

…usually, I wouldn’t be this friendly. 

but being that I’m in a pretty good mood (all thanks to a little cold stone’s, tbh.) i’ll make an exception..

'ello to all friends, enemies and more than likely future enemies. <3