So happy for the babe! Congratulations, beautiful!

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Oh God.

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I forgot my french manual.

I’m sorry, bb! That was my last intention.

I’ll find a pretty mop to mop you up with, okay? <3

You do this! You’re the reason I’m speaking in French, you’re killing me.

I’m so happy ;-;

Make it zebra and I’ll forgive you.

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I have tissues!

Je ne peux pas gerer cette.

AJ you’re killing me!

You’ll need a mop to clean me up if we keep going down this route ;-; 

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I’m crying. 

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Haaaaaapy Birthday to my babeee!

I hope you get lots of birthday loving tonight :| because you’re wonderful and you deserve it. Besides, if I was a man I wouldn’t be able to get my hands off of you.

I love you~

Come visit me soon! I miss you, beaut :(


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You are such a weirdo. 


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Sometimes I just want to slap the stupid smirk off his face.


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Not any more than I love you ;)

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